My name is Jyotsna Umesh and I call myself a passionate, amateur water-colorist. Painting is just like transcendental meditation to me. I fell in love with this opaque & transparent medium recently. Just like any other aspirant, I read hundreds of books on this subject, watched endless hours of You Tube videos by esteemed artists, and then one day hesitantly started painting.

I was amazed at the improvement that daily practice brought to me. Solid support of friends and family encouraged me to start showcasing my work and here I am sharing my work with you.

There is a constant learning for any artist. One thing that I learnt in last several years is that no matter how much I adore some of the artists, I have to find my own style. Furthermore, I can always try to become more skilled as learning is a life long, enjoyable process.

American Watercolor Society - Associate Member

Loudoun Arts Council - Professional Member




Northern Virginia, USA


+1 703-772-7029